Spot it! vs. Dobble – Gaming in Tableau

Apr 9, 2020

Klaus Schulte

I’m very happy to publish my first game in Tableau, created in a collaboration with Tableau community superstar Kevin Flerlage.

Spot It and Dobble are the same game. The game is simple enough for a 5 year old and incredibly fun for all ages.

So how do you play? The deck contains 55 round cards.  Each card displays 8 different images out of a total of 57 images across all cards.  To play, you simply turn over two random cards and find the image that shows on both cards.  That’s right, find THE IMAGE that shows on both cards.  This is what makes this game so intriguing.  Every single card has 8 of 57 images and every single card has EXACTLY ONE matching symbol with every other card. No pair of cards has more than one match and every pair of cards has exactly one match.  How is that possible?

The game is so much fun to play and the math behind is mind-blowing.  In this viz, we will teach you how to play the game, prove that there is exactly one match on every pair of cards, allow you to actually play the game, then dig into the incredible math behind it.  

Kevin and I hope you enjoy our new viz Spot It vs Dobble.