Predictions vs. Actuals in a Waffle Chart

May 20, 2018

Klaus Schulte

For this week’s #MakeoverMonday I created a visualization to compare Premier League pre season predictions with reality after 38 rounds:

Dashboard 1.png

I was inspired by an article in our local newspaper some weeks ago where possible changes at the last matchday in German Bundesliga were visualized this way:

I recreated the basic idea of this viz by using a waffle chart.

If you want to recreate my viz it just needs the following few steps.

1. Create a waffle

To build the waffle I created this data in Excel combining twenty rows (“Zeile”) with twenty columns (“Spalte”) to get the 400 cells of my matrix.

waffle 2018-05-20 17-14-41

Bringing in “Zeile” on rows and “Spalte” on columns, selecting square in the marks card and a little bit of sizing the squares creates this waffle in Tableau.

Tableau - Premier League Predictions vs. Reality [von PUBLIC.TABLEAU.COM] 2018-05-20 17-25-06

2. Linking waffle and data

After linking my two data sources on “Zeile” and “Actual Finish” I was able to bring in the teams on rows.

Tableau - Premier League Predictions vs. Reality [von PUBLIC.TABLEAU.COM] 2018-05-20 17-30-00

3. Coloring the waffle

To color the waffle it just needs two boolean calculations:

a) [Spalte]=[Zeile] for the actual finish (the diagonal) and

b) The difference between actual and predicted finish

Dialogfeld 2018-05-20 17-38-22
Tableau - Premier League Predictions vs. Reality [von PUBLIC.TABLEAU.COM] 2018-05-20 17-42-23.jpg

The rest is just a little bit of formatting.

Et voilá:

Dashboard 1


May 25, 2018, 3:12:48 PM
Miriam Mkandawire says:

Thank you for sharing, I really liked your visualisation. I am a beginner at Tableau, and I am just stuck on the 2nd point. How did you link the data to the waffle chart on “Zeile” and “Actual Finish”? When I try to blend my data by creating a link between these two fields, I can’t incorporate “Teams” to the sheet as there is no relationship between Teams and the Waffle Chart.

May 21, 2018, 3:52:28 PM
Klaus Schulte says:

Thanks Lindsay! Looking forward to see the results 😀

May 21, 2018, 3:01:14 PM
Lindsay Betzendahl says:

Great post! I may have to try this. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.